Saturday, May 22, 2010

I pulled an all nighter to get
this baby done. I had 2 weeks to
work on it, had half of it
cut, but really had to hussle
yesterday so I could piece it,
sew it and wash and dry it.
Boy did my laundry room look like
a lint bomb exploded in there.
I worked from 9pm till 430am and it
turned out pefect. 7 squares wide
by 10 squares long, a whopping
140 squares I cut, almost as tall
as Nate...5' 4". 64 inches, whoo hoo...
I skipped the middle layer and
used a dark, rich denim to back it.
I wanted to keep it, but couldn't
as it was part of my talk for
Gage's baptism. I tried to finish
it early, but the creative process
happens when it's ready and
can not be forced. It was worth the
hussle and lack of sleep.
I absolutely loved it and so did
Gage. I was happy that he was happy.
My talk went well and now it's
time for a nap before, I make
some potato salad and head off
to a BBQ.
Happy Saturday.

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American Quilter's Society said...

Great work! We look forward to seeing and reading more from you.