Friday, May 21, 2010

Ok, I'm sure you're thinking
what could these ingredients
possibly have to do with a new
recipe, well let me tell you.
The 1st picture is for making
laundry soap, Duggar style.
I have been wanting to make this
for months and keep forgetting
to buy a 5 gallon bucket for this
project, so today we will be searching
for one. I am a DIE HARD TIDE USER
and will do without needed food stuffs
if funds are tight in order to
purchase my much loved Tide.
So wish me luck and in a
few days I will let you know
whether it was a success or failure
in the Genuis category. I am so curious
about whether this will work or not.
Ok the 2nd picture is for
making a solution to treat
fabric in that will make it
colorfast so I can run it thru
my inkjet printer and print
on it, while allowing the fabric to
be washable. So once again
I'll update in a few days to
let you know if this was a
success or failure.
Well it's time to take my
little friends on a field trip

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