Friday, May 21, 2010

What a school year it's been...
After today, Chase only has 3 1/2
days of school left, YIPEE.
He did very well considering
he encountered some serious
hearing problems half-way
thru the year that took a couple
months to diagnos. He had
surgery and has been doing well.
He was just a bit short making
the AR Reading Goal for the
awards cut off. He made it after
the awards were given. I don't
understand why they have the last
2 weeks of school if the grades
and contests were done
2 weeks ago. Anyhoo, I'm proud of him
and he also made the Principal's
Honor Roll which is great considering
how much work he had to do to
make up the 3 weeks he missed.
Again, I am very proud of him.
His writing grade by 1 point
kept him off the Honor
of Distinction Honor Roll.
And the most amazing thing
of all is he FINALLY reads on
his own, without having to be asked.
That in itself is wonderful. Since
last year, he has hated to read.
He was very vocal about it too.
But the light bulb went off
this last few weeks, and he is
asking to read, thank you,
thank you. I was so worried
about that. I just love this little guy
and am so proud to be his mom.

Watch out summer,
here we come...

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