Sunday, February 15, 2009

A few minutes ago I get a call from Chase
who is at my parents house. It goes like
Nate hands me the phone and I can
hear Chase talking a mile a minute:
Chase: Mom, I'm staying the night at
Pop and Grams. ( I laugh, I guess he told
Me: You are????
Chase: Ya, I need some stuff.
Me: Ok, what do you want???
Chase: A shotgun, Willy (the musk ox he
got at the Tucson Zoo), The Moose (a
stuffed moose he got at Sportsman's),
my DS, my IPOD, some jammies, the
ones with the moose on them, my
slippers, oh and some clothes, my
superman blankie ( a huge chenille
throw that my mom bought him),
and hey mom, don't forgot my hot breath
medicine (his prevacid for his acid reflux).
(I'm thinking goodness kid take a breath)
Me: (joking I say) anything else like the
kitchen too???
Chase: No, that's all. Love ya, bye.
Boys don't ya just love them.

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