Thursday, February 5, 2009

Has your day ever started
out like the picture below ????
Well I seem to have had lots of them
lately. I have been in a funk for
lack of a better word.
Then I receive some great news
that really improved our finances
(all because of paying our tithing)
which were definitely causing
my stripes to fall off and unravel
rather quickly....
Then I couldn't get my computer
to print my Cub Scout Calendars,
or anything else that I have begged
it to print lately... among other things
that continue to go wrong...
Then we came home from scouts
this evening and there was this beautiful
suprise waiting for us...
Just the pick - me - up that I so needed ...
Absolutely touched my heart and was
a very gentle reminder as to why
Nate and I have the callings we do.
You never realize how much of an impact
you have on those you serve in
your callings until things like this happen
to bring home that you are loved and
that those sweet little souls you teach
each week, really are listening.

(I'll have to ask her why she thinks I'm so funny)
From one of the sweet, little angels in
our primary class.
Nathan and I are so blessed to have
2 callings one in primary and
1 in scouts. They both keep
us very busy, cuz if you know me
I can't do callings just half way.
I am so grateful that Chase can
be baptized this year and that
we have the opportunity to teach
all 8 of the children in our ward who
will have the chance to be baptized as well.

So Happy Early Valentine's Day to You Too...

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Angie said...

that was so sweet of them! And yes you do a good job at any calling you have! Thanks again!