Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ok, this week has been something and
it's only half way thru. On Monday I had to
take the cat to be put to sleep. He's been sick
and despite visits to the vet just wasn't
getting better.
Chase was upset but handled it well. He keeps
mentioning that he misses him. I
however do not miss the cat fuzz
and his sleeping on my feet.
On Tuesday, Chase had his first piano lesson.
I was so proud of him, he did great. The saga
to find a piano is a whole different post. Right
after his lesson, he was giving one of his friends
that comes home with him the
lesson he'd just had.
It was pretty funny to hear him repeating
what his piano teacher had told him. We love
that his piano teacher comes here to the house
to teach him.
Chase has decided to grow his hair out and I hate
it. I finally cut the sides and back and left the top.
He loves having it spiked up. It's still driving me crazy.
We have scouts and 2 birthdays still this week and lots
more on the list to get done. Now the hunt begins
for a suitable piano bench. Ours didn't come with
a bench, which at the time was the least of my worries.
Happy Wednesday, still need an
extra day this week to get it all done....

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Angie said...

That's cute he was teaching his friend his piano lesson. I'll keep my eyes open for a bench. Hope you week got better! IT'S FRIDAY!