Saturday, February 14, 2009

So Valentine's Day this year was
great as always. Nate and Chase
made me the cutest cards and bought
me some super cute stuff and gave
me some great chocolates.
I had picked a card( one of
those singin ones) out knowing
that Nate would choke when I asked
if he remembered the significance of
the song.
It was I Swear by John Michael Montgomery.
This was the first song we had danced
to when we started dating.
Our 12 year Anniversay is in June
and lets just say that it took him a
few minutes but he recovered nicely
and remembered.

My triplet nieces, Addison, Bailey and Caeda
had their 3rd Birthday Party today.
They are super cute and I had to make
them something super cute.
I started with the crayon rolls ( always
have to make 3 of everything)
and then...

On to these little dresses with matching
skirts for when the dresses became to short.
I found this Super, Super Cute fabric at
Joann's last night and had to scrap the
other outfit I planned to make cuz this
fabric was so much cuter.

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