Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chase had a Valentine's Party
at school yesterday and for weeks
I had been trying to get him to by
Valentine's Cards for his class.
He kept telling me that he wanted to
make them. I kept hoping that he'd
end up buying them. So about a week
ago he tells me:
Chase: Mom, I know what I want
my Valentine Cards to be.
Me: What?
Chase: Dinosaurs for the boys
and Hearts for the girls.
Me: Ok.
Chase: I also need to buy a present
for Addie and Mia.
Me: What kind of present? I know
when Mia's birthday is and it's not
until August....
Chase: No, no Mom a Valentine's
Me: (puzzled) Like what do you
have in mind?
Chase: A ring and a bracelet.
Me: We'll talk about it later.
Well he ended up taking a cute plastic
ring and bracelet to each girl. Friday
night at Dinner he entertains us and the
other couple at our table (we were at
Ischi Ban) with the following:
Me: So did the girls like your presents?
Chase: OH YA, they kissed me!!! (huge smile
on his face)
Me: They what??? Where ???
Chase: On my cheeks in class.
The whole table errupts into laughter.
Me: Chase, how did you give them their
Chase: I just said here...
Boy does he have a lot to learn.

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