Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I can't believe that Chase turned 7 yesterday. I remember when we found out that we were pregnant with him. This is a long post and long slide show so move on if you don't want to see or hear it.

I remember being 5 weeks along when the pee stick was +, then 8 weeks along when I started all the shots to try and stay pregnant with him. Every week for 8 weeks I had to have an injection. By the time I was done, I had a matching set of 8 quarter size bruises on each butt cheek from the shots.

Week 11 I start bleeding and we think OH NO, we're gonna loose this one too. Week 20 we find out it's a boy. Week 28 I go on bed rest and week 34 and 1/2, they induce me due to heart failure and kidney failure. I was determined not to have a c-section, but after 24 hours of labor and very little progress, Chase started to show signs of distress and I had a fever. I balled my head off when we couldn't reach Nate. He had gone home to let the puppies out to pee. He got back and 20 minutes later Chase was here, safe and sound. They scared us and said he might be 3 lbs. He was 5 lbs, 11 oz and he'd need them to breathe for him. He spent one night in the special nursery and the rest with me. 8 days later we got to go home due to my infection. 2 days later my c-section site opened up and I had to have my wound packed until Chase was 14 weeks old. It sucked, but is was so worth it and I'd do it all over ago to be blessed with such a sweet and funny child as Chase is.

Chase has been such a joy to have in our home and he is so funny. Like the time he copied Pop's potty mouth and said, "Well for hells sakes, there's a gopher hole in the garden" or when he asked Gram, "Why do you have cracks in your face?". He got me with, "Mom, when are you gonna dye your lighting bolts( my gray hairs )?". He's also a sweetie, like the time he asked if he could marry me and I had to break the news that I was already married to his dad. It crushed his heart and he than asks, "When do I get to have a girlfriend to marry someday?", I told him after he got home from his mission. Then there's the times he yells thru the house, "Woman, where are you?". He constantly cracks me up.

He's picky too, can't stand tags in his shirts, has to have the tag on his pillow in the opening of the pillow case so he can rub it to tatters. He still calls his blanket, his "lankey". He has to have a new tube of tooth paste every week, so I have to by the travel size to accomodate this qwerk. He's a trooper, he has been thru 7 sets of tubes in his ears, his tonsils removed, his adnoids removed and a another surgery in addition to all those.

He loves anything Army, Star Wars or Dinosaur and has to have two of all his toys. 2 tanks,2 matching swords, 2 of the same dinosaurs, 2 of everything, it gets quite annoying at times, when a store only has one. His Pop and Gram will go to the ends of the earth to see he has 2. He loves his cousins, Paige, Seth, Wyatt, Ethen and the "Girls".

I am so gratefull that Heavenly Father trusted us enough to send you here. I am so blessed to call you my son.

I love you buddy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

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The Johnston Family said...

Time sure does fly, especially with kids! I am sure you wish you could put on the brakes sometimes! LOL Love the pics. :)