Thursday, August 28, 2008

My darling child left for school
yesterday morning looking like the
picture below, just a few scabs from
his two previous encounters with
the playground in the last 10 days.
He's fallen head first off a swing and
the monkey bars...

The second picture is after his 3rd battle
with the playground yesterday. As you
can see he lost again, only this time
we had to go to the pediatrician and
the dentist.
He managed to hit his gum line on a metal
step on the playground equipment. Knocking
out a tooth, cuasing another to become
very loose . Fortunately they were his baby teeth.
He cried
just for a few seconds, according to his
teacher, he was too concerned for his lost tooth
and had to find it so the tooth fairy would
come last night. Indeed the Tooth
Fairy came...

In the last picture you can kinda see the 1 inch
dark black bruise on his gum line.

The dentist said we were very lucky as
she sent 2 boys to Phoenix Children's Hospital
the day before. One with a similar injury to Chase's
only that little boy fractured his jaw and one who
was hit in the mouth by a golf club.

Chase is loving the attention and all the milkshakes.
The dentist said the teeth weren't ready to come
out yet, so we are looking at a toothless smile
for at least 6-9 months...
my poor snaggle toothed boy...

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Angie said...

Oh man what a scary story of loosing the kids! I bet you were just sick...I was. {will post story sometime} Poor Chase getting beat up by the playground...your title says it all...boys will be boys!