Friday, August 22, 2008

Tonight we had Chase's Birthday Party. A swimming party. Things went very well until the last 10 minutes. I spent all night alittle concerned for all the little ones who were in the pool. There were 3 town lifeguards so I knew we were safe on that score. But you always hear about near drownings or drownings when there are large groups of people. No, no one drowned. Worse, we lost 2 little boys.

There mom came to get them and we couldn't find them. Now you're thinking how did you lose them? It had only been 5 minutes since I had seen them last and just about 3 minutes since another parent reported seeing 2 little boys with beach balls walking down the road. Well as we were walking back and forth, loading up, some how in all the comotion, these 2 little guys slipped out the gate. We had lots of people looking for them and even the police.

Finally, after I start to fear the worse, like they were taken or that someone was going to run them over and not see them in the dark, I ask their mom to step around her van so we can say a prayer. Now it's been about 15 minutes and they can't be found anywhere. We say our prayer and about 3 minutes later the mom gets a call that the boys had walked to their granny's house. We instantly were relieved, but I still felt bad. Ultimately Nate and I were responsible. Did this little boy disobey his mom and leave when she told him she would pick him up, yes he did, but still he was at our party and let me tell you the fear I felt as time continued to go by is undescribeable.

Lessons learned:

Little boys sometimes make crazy decisions that there is no reasoning with

Watch my child and anyone else's much closer,(we were watching them but apparetnly not close enough) even when their mom is parked outside the pool. Never think with all these adults all will be fine, because sometimes it's just not.

I am so gratefull that my Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers.

Maybe tomorrow I won't be so emotional and I'll be able to post pictures of Chase's party.

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The Johnston Family said...

That is so scary! I am really glad that things worked out okay. Kids can be slippery little suckers. It could have happened to anyone. Prayer is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Christy. It's me, Stacie - you know from Gold Canyon. LOL! I miss seeing you at our candle meetings. Do you even remember us? Just kidding. I hope all is well with you and Praise The Lord that He hears our prayers. Glad the boys were ok.