Friday, August 8, 2008

has been strange lately...
I was released from my calling as
the YW President. That has been quite an
adjustment. I already have a new calling,
which I'm excited about as Nate and
I will be serving together.
I haven't gotten good news from my ortho surgeon.
It appears I may have some new restrictions that
arn't going to go away. He said if it weren't for
my age he would be recommending
a knee replacement.
SHESH...I'm only 34
Not my idea of fun and I was kinda shocked.
So I get some new limitations that are sticking
around and I get to deal with
the pain and discomfort.
I have been busy sewing, purses, blankets,
spit rags, you name it. I had tons of fabric
in some 18 gal totes.
Will load those pictures later today.
Here are a few more totes that I put together...

Can you believe Nate found this placemat at Walmart
for $1.42...BARGAIN and CUTE

Nate found this place mat too, $1.42... BARGAIN

This is what happens when you try to force creativity,
it never quite turns our right when
you try to force it.

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