Saturday, October 3, 2009

Had the punch biopsy done
on my left breast today.
I was really nervous when
I first got there.
I waited in the procedure room
for a few minutes while Melanie
finished up with a few other
patients. Signed my consent
form and changed into a paper
gown top. Waited on a little stool
didn't want to be on the exam table
just yet.
She came in and asked if I was
ready and then read me my rights
and explained the procedure
and risks. We laughed alot as I
told her that a little scar was the
least of my worries with the
suspicious findings on the
ultrasound. We talked as she
she injected my breast with
a local numbing agent. I was
really suprised that it didn't hurt.
She was really gentle. It stung
from the numbing medicine.
After a few minutes she told me she
was going to pinch and poke my
breast with a sharp set of tweezers
to make sure I was totally numb
and thank goodness I was.
She then took this long yellow
stick looking thing about the
size of a ball point pen and placed
it on my breast, turned it in a circle
a few times and removed it. She
then took a scapel and cut away
the little cylinder shaped piece of
skin and tissue that it cut out.
I bled a little and was worried
about having to be stitched and
then having to come back and
have the stiches removed so she
caurterized the small wound. I
didn't look so I'm not sure how big or
little it really is. Then she bandaged
me up.
I can't shower until late tomorrow
or early Monday morning. I have
to keep it covered, it's still bleeding
just a little bit.
Now onto the MRI, consult with the
breast surgeon Friday
and the Ultrasound
guided needle biopsy for behind
the nipple in the ducts to see just
what that is that showed up in the films.
So wait another week to 10 days for
the first biopsy results and the
rest of my appointments and tests
then we'll
see where we stand,
until then ...
Strange how something like
this, can totally screw up
your birthday.
Tuesday was my 36th birthday,
but it sure didn't seem like it.

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Angie said...

Oh Christi! I am so sorry to hear you are having to go through all that not so fun stuff and worry. We will keep you in our prayers. and Happy LATE birthday to you! = )

Stacie said...

Happy late birthday. You can email me any time. My email is my first name last name @