Monday, October 19, 2009

Ok, now that I have the Loan
Modification paper work in my
hot little hands I can finally tell
the details of our horrible experience
with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.
More than a year ago, I was
late on 2 payments. As a result
of this and our zip code being flagged
by Wells Fargo we found ourselves
in Foreclosure. Yes, that's what I
said. I personally know several
people who are always late or
who haven't made a payment in
more than 6 to 10 months. No foreclosure
for them for some reason.
I entered into a repayment plan which
kept being extended and also
sent them $3200.00 for their trouble
and attorneys fees as I was directed to
do. Well 9 months later when I thought
all was well I received an eviction
notice giving me 5 days to vacate my home.
We had been foreclosed on with no notice.
This was a complete and udder shock to me.
I can't begin to put into words the stress,
the worry and the shear terror this caused
me and my family.
I couldn't believe this was happening to us.
Especially the day before Chase's baptism.
I had made up the 2 payments, plus extra and
had paid the additional $3200 (which was
the money I was saving for a down on a
new Mini van)
How could this be happening??? Well let me
tell you we were truly blessed by our
Heavenly Father. My mom made a call and
hooked us up with an attorney who
used to work for the Attorney General's Office.
He specialized in Mortgage Fraud and now is
in private practice. For 4 days I tried to get
Wells Fargo and their pit bull attorneys to listen
to me. I repeatedly told them there was a mistake.
We then met with this attorney and he began to
tell us all the horror stories of the mortgage
industry and just what they get away with.
He then stepped in and some amazing things
began to happen .
I truly thought this Giant Bully is gonna take my
house because they can and because they
can tie us up in court for more than a year.
I prayed and prayed some more. I totally and
completely turned this one over to my
Heavenly Father and promised that whatever
the outcome I would live with it and make the
best of it. This process began on 8/21/09.
It is now 10/19/09 and we beat the Giant
Bully. Today, a package was overnighted to us
by Wells Fargo. In it contained the modification
that we were offered back in April. Yes, 6 months
ago. Since 8/21/09 I have placed 35 calls
to Wells Fargo, I have mailed a letter to a Federal
Judge begging for his interferrence in this matter.
With in 4 days of Wells Fargo receiving a copy
of the Certified Letter I mailed the Federal Judge,
we were granted the modification. Our interest
rate was already really good, well it got even better.
My credit report has been updated and there are
no late payments and the Foreclosure has
been completely wipped off our credit report,
the deed to our house has been re-recorded in
our name and the Lord has truly worked
a miracle for my little family. I can't tell you
how many Wells Fargo employees told me
they have NEVER see a Foreclosure reversed
without a lengthly court battle.
Our attorney helped us prove to Wells Fargo
that they made a mistake, not us.
Last Friday, our balance with Wells Fargo,
was $10,469.35. This was what they wanted
us to pay to keep our house. Guess what,
we are only paying $3200 which is that last 4
mortgage payments plus addtional to get
our escrow account balance back where it
needs to be. I am so truly grateful. Not only
have the four spots in my left breast completely
vanished, now my house is my house again and
we didn't give in to the demands of the Giant
Bully. Mortgage companies
have a great scam going on right now.
Foreclose, do a trustee sale, get the
property back, get it paid for by your
mortgage protection insurance,
get a bad debt write off and
bail out money from Obama.
Plus if you short sale or
third party sale they get to send
you a 1099C and tax you for the
part they write off.
What a sweet deal, no wonder
why the mortgage industry is in
such terrible shape and no wonder
there are thousands of foreclosures
that never should have happened in
the first place.
that's all I have to say.

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Stacie said...

What great news!! Praise the Lord!!