Friday, October 2, 2009

Got a call this afternoon
from my DR's office.
The report was in from
my mamo and ultrasound.
Pretty much was told the
same thing the radiologist
said, except for this:
You need to set up a consult
with a General or Breast Surgeon
right away. Tomorrow
we will provide you with a
referral for the consult and the
MRI that the radiologist
recommended. I told Melanie
I had already jumped the gun
and fibbed alittle to SimonMed
and had already scheduled
the Consult and the MRI. She
mentioned with my insurance
I'd need a pre-auth for the MRI.
I asked if she thought there
would be a problem getting that
done so I didn't have to re-
schedule my MRI appointment
and she said not with these films
and findings.
So I thought wow, should I really
worry now or am I just being
Tomorrow is my punch biopsy
and then Friday is my MRI
and consult with the Breast Surgeon.
Until then...

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Stacie said...

UGH! Sorry you didn't get better news. ((((HUGS))))