Thursday, October 1, 2009

I survived the mamogram
and the ultrasound.
I went to a place called
SimonMed that specializes in
breast screening, diagnosis
as well as for women who
have dense breast tissue.
I was pleasantly surprised
that it didn't hurt much until
the very last squeeze.
And yes for those of you who
haven't had a mamo yet
it can be painful but seems
to just be more uncomfortable
then anything.
After about 15 squeezes per
breast in many different positions
I was taken to a 2nd room
for the ultrasound.
After a few minutes I had a bad
feeling. I could tell the tech had
found something.
She kept going back to the same
area taking pics and measuring.
After about 15 minutes she
says she's going to get the
I say a quick prayer and feel
much calmer as I am waiting,
naturally thinking the worst
while trying to only think the best.
The Radiologist comes in and
scans the same thing the tech
He then calmly tells me that behind
the nipple of my left breast are
4 suspicious spots. It could
be nothing or it could be something.
He mentions my mamo was good
nothing to report but I need
"further investigation" into the
spots on the ultrasound.
He wants me to have a MRI
and a needle biopsy. I am then
told I need to contact a
"Breast Surgeon" to consult with.
Well how do you like those
So do I worry or worry not???
I feel like a little girl picking the
petals off a flower, loves me, loves
me not, but in this case:

2 Scraps:

Stacie said...

How scary. We know that we need not ever worry because we are in God's hands but I also know it would be really tough for me not to. HUGE hugs!!!!

Christy said...

Thanks Stacie, how are your kids and husband doing? We really need to meet I have Prickly Pear, Pomagranate, Jalapeno and Peach Jelly/jam now.