Tuesday, October 13, 2009

***Graphic ***
Ok so Friday, early in the
morning we head up to Chandler.
I have another ultrasound, this time
to measure my fibroids, checking
to see if they have grown any or
if they are the same. While I'm
there Nate took Chase to have
some blood drawn. Apparently,
he did really well and never
made a peep. Nate and I were
so proud of him.
The boys picked me up and we
went by Fiesta Mall to pickup
my ultrasound and mammo films
that I had done the week before,
for my afternoon appointment
with the surgeon. We stopped by
2 Goodwills and found some pants
for Chase. At the rate he's growing
lately I can't keep him in pants.
On to my MRI. We arrive 20
minutes early and this turned out
to be a very good thing. I am in
the back being shown to a changing
room. (Kinda getting tired of all
the paper gowns in the last
few months) The tech who took
me back asks me to wait a minute.
She comes back with the MRI
tech and he looks at me and says.
"I don"t think you'll fit"! I'm thinking
what in the world is he talking about.
Then he says, "I'm pretty sure you
won't fit", it dawns on me as he's looking
at my breasts and the other lady is looking
at my breasts and we are all standing
around red faced that he means my
breasts may not fit in the little contraption
you are placed in.
I ask what happens if I don't fit?
He says, "I don't know, that's
never happened to me before".
Great I'm thinking, just my dumb luck.
He says he'll call around
to see what to do while I change.
So we all
start this nervous little laugh.
Let me back up for those of you who
don't know what happens when you
go for a breast MRI. You are placed
face down on the table. An IV is placed
and you are then assisted in the face
down position with your breasts hanging
in 2 holes in a box you lay on, on top
of the table that slides into the MRI
machine. Isn't that a nice visual that
you didn't need???
So as I get in the back I
ask what happens if I don't fit.
He tells me it's only happened
once and they just don't do the test
if you don't fit. Great, why Me???
So as he was trying to decide if I'd fit
he started my IV, it took
3 tries before he gets it in. On the
3rd try he goes to my left hand.
Since we were having such a good time
at my expense I decided to give him
a little back. As he goes to poke my hand
I give out a cry and he stops and says,
"Did that hurt??? Of course it hurt you
dummy I wanted to say. I say alittle
but I was just messing with you.
We all start laughing really hard and I
finally start to relax. They place me
in the funny position and begin the test.
MRI machines are really loud and you
can hear and feel all the vibrations from
the magnets in the machine. I forgot to
take my debit card and credit card out
of my pocket and of course the machine
ruined the magnetic strip on the back.
After about 30 minutes I'm all done,
dressed again and on my to lunch
with Nate and Chase. We then head
off the Fun Services a great costume
and goody store. Then onto my after
noon appointment with the surgeon.
Had another ultrasound of my breasts
and now we WAIT and WAIT and
WAIT some more for all these test
results to come in.

2 Scraps:

Angie said...

Been thinking about you!!! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you guys = )

Christy said...

Thanks Angie. I think things are on the mend.