Thursday, February 25, 2010

Here is Chase at the annual
Blue and Gold Banquet tonight.
It's his first and he received
his first legit Derby Car.
His leaders are the best
and we love them.
I kept him home all week
trying to get his cough under
control for his surgery
on Monday, finally we made
some progress. He is well
enough to attend the BGB
and school for half a day
tomorrow, just to take
3 tests. I'm such a mean mom.
I can't believe how much work
we did with him this week
between his daily class work
that Nate picked up each day
and his regular homework.
We made it tho. And here is what will
be my newest addition to
my Etsy shop tomorrow.
I hate that I'm so impatient
that I can't wait till
tomorrow for better picks.
I love it, it's very bright
and fun.

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