Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ok, I looooovvvveee thrify stores.
About 11 miles west of us
there is alittle thrift store
in Coolidge that you can find some
real treasures in.
These 3 inch notebooks
with d-ring clasps 75 cents ...
I will show a picture of
them recoverd in a few days. This heart wire wreath frame ...
be watching for my remake on this ...
75 cents ...

This super cute thread and bobbin
organizer ... $1

These great hard bound
books ... 10 cents each

This supr cool plane, whirly bird
and flying power guide book ...
(perfect for Chase and our Scouts)
10 cents ....

These brand new workbooks
for my little friends who come
to play ... 10 cents each ...

For a whopping total
of $3.20
Can't beat that
for a hard days
work thrifting.

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