Thursday, February 18, 2010

Well Chase is such a trooper.
Today he went to visit
with his ENT in Phoenix.
I was shocked when Nate
called to tell me Dr. Raines
wanted to do a Myringotomy and
place a tube in Chase's
Tympanic membrane (eardrum).
His Eustachian tube in his left
ear is completely blocked and
not functioning. There isn't
any air circulating and his eardrum
is retracted. The pain is from the
pressure and the retraction.
Prolonged retraction leads to
permanant hearing loss.

So sometime in the next week
the Dr 's office will call with
his surgery date. Dr. Raines
is hoping he doesn't encounter
to much scar tissue or a new

Chase had a pressure test today
and there was ZERO movement.

He also had a hearing test and this
he scored a 30. What does this mean?
it means alarm. A score of 40 means
he needs a hearing aid.

So off to another procedure and
another notch on the
General Anesthesia belt.
Try notch number 12.
Will update as things progress ...

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