Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I can't sleep ...
Chase is once again having
trouble with his ears.
7 sets of tubes, adnoids removed,
and tonsils removed and still
this poor child can't catch a break.
I am so grateful for
Priesthood Blessings. Chase
is currently sleeping, comfortably,
I might add due to the blessing
that Nate and Dad administered
to him a few hours ago.
Just this weekend he completed
an adult course and dose of an
antibiotic because we don't
have many choices to choose from
when he needs one.

I soooo worry about his hearing.
Already he has slight hearing loss
and each time he goes under and
each time he has to have another
incision or take another stinkin'
antibiotic I truly wonder will he
hear as well as he does today, this
time next year or the next 10 years.

We need to go back to see the ENT
who has treated him since he was
4 months old. I am also grateful
for good health insurance and an
amazing Pediatrician.

When I was told they were going
to deliver Chase by emergency
C-section I sobbed and sobbed.
I was so scared by all the things
the doctors were telling us. He
was supposed to be tiny, he was
supposed to be very sick and yet
he was little but gratefully not sick.

I can remember begging my
Heavenly Father to allow him
to be healthy and to please allow
me some time with him, if it
was his will to take him early.

Then as the months passed and
he was so sick from all the ear
infections and still little I begged
for some relief for that tiny, sweet
boy of mine. Little did we know that
he would fall in the rare 1% of
the population and that he would have
7 sets of tubes and not grow out of
all this by the age of 5 as we were
told would happen.

Here we are 8 1/2 years later:
I'd trade places with that sweet
little boy if I could. He is so kind
and so considerate of others. He
is funny and smart. He is so
very loved and so well liked by
his peers.

I hear parents talk about how
their kids drive them crazy, how
they can't get anything done, how
they have no time to themselves.
How they cry all the time or get
into trouble and make messes...

Well here's a news flash for you ...
be ever so grateful for them. Love
them and cherish them. Enjoy the
messes and don't for a moment let
those kinds of complaints come
from your lips. I had thought I
would have several children. It kills
me to hear parents take their miracles
for granted and talk poorly or
negatively about their children.
I hate to hear pregnant women
complain, I can promise you
it really can be worse: Like not
being able to get pregnant or in my
case, get pregnant but then always
miss-carry or be on such strict
bed rest that you arn't even allowed
to shower, or have a baby shower or
the constant fear while you are pregnant
knowing you will only be pregnant
for a short period of time and it will
once again end in a profound loss.
Be grateful as there are so many
people out there who can't have children
or who have sick children and they
cherish this time and don't moan and
groan and complain. You should
be so grateful for the sweet
little spirits that our Heavenly Father
sent to you and so ashamed for
the time you thought to complain.

Time to check on my little guy.