Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day was great
as usual. Had fun at a
couple of Birthday parties
this weekend.
Below are a few of my
favorite friends.
I have no claim to
being a great picture
taker, but was pleased
with how these turned out.
(baby Kade wasn't
happy about being put down)
These sweet smiling
faces were so fun on
Friday as we celebrated
V-day early.
It's always a good
day when everyone is
still smiling at the
end of the day.
(We missed Brody)
The sweet little
cutie with the John Deere
shirt on brought me
flowers on Friday.
He slapped them at
me all crushed.
I thought they
were some of the best
flowers I've
ever received.
I just love my life,
my family and all my
little friends.
You'd have to be crazy
if you didn't like to
play and cuddle all day.