Saturday, February 27, 2010

We had a busy day today.
We started out at the
Humphrey's for a great Cowboy
breakfast. Dutch oven eggs
and biscuts, gravy, ham
and lots of other breakfast goodies.
Hay wagon rides, pony rides,
petting zoo, visiting with friends.
Then off to Walmart and
then on to this:
I had so much fun
revamping this little denim skirt.
It belongs to the little
sister of one of Chase's buddies.
I released the hem, trimmed
the inch of faded and severely
creased hem and got to work
adding 8 inches of ruffles. I cut the purple strips and then
the polka dot strips. When I
asked the little girl what her
favorite color was she said purple.
I was instantly concerned as I have
very little purple fabric in my 2
cabinets and 8 - 30 gallon totes
of fabric stash. I hunted and hunted
until I came up with just enough
to make this skirt wearable for a
while longer as this is her favorite.
I had so much fun revamping this
much too short skirt into this
Then it was off to Queen Creek
for a cousins baptism.
It was a busy day, but a great day.

Now off to transform a 2nd
skirt for this little one.

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